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CNA Mentor

This is your chance to grow and start something new and challenging.

We’re looking for dedicated Mentors who can help new CNAs become acclimated to the job and Care Center. Mentors provide guidance, advice, feedback, and support to the mentee, serving as role model, teacher, and leader.

As part of the WisCares Program, after a Mentee has successfully completed six-months of employment, both the mentee and mentor will receive a $500 bonus.

To be an effective mentor, you must be well-versed in the techniques to become a successful CNA. The mentor will support their mentees’ social integration to provide a well-rounded, rewarding experience at the Care Center.

Mentor Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Must work as a CNA an average of 60+ hours per payroll.
  • Orientate the new CNA on to the floor by introducing them to staff and residents.
  • Work the first five shifts with each Mentee.
  • Complete the skills check list with the Mentee.
  • Stay in touch with the mentees to assess their development.

Mentor Requirements:

  • Demonstrated positive leadership with staff.
  • Excellent rapport with other staff and residents.
  • Exceptionally knowledgeable of facility policies and procedures.
  • Minimum of six-months employment as a CNA at current location.
  • Excellent orienting and training abilities.
  • Ability to follow through on all obligations.