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Inspiring Life, Hope, and Healing
Bethany St. Joseph Corporation

About Us

For over 47 years, Bethany St. Joseph Corporation has provided an array of programs and services for older adults and individuals with health concerns and prides itself as an employer of choice in its service area.

BSJ Corporation is a non-profit, non-stock corporation which owns and manages a variety of properties, equipment and licenses in the Seven Rivers Region of western Wisconsin.


To provide care and services responsive to the individual needs of those we serve, with dignity and respect in a cost effective manner, placing value on the recipient, his or her family and our staff.

Open Admissions & Non-Discrimination Policy Statement:

It is the policy of BSJ Corporation and its programs and services to provide services to persons without regard to race, color, religion, national origin or ancestry, sex, age, sexual orientation, physical or developmental disability, arrest or conviction record, marital status, military participation, genetic information or any other protected status as defined by law.

This policy covers eligibility for the access to programs and service delivery and for employment opportunities. Persons and organizations that have occasion to refer people for programs and services or recommend this corporation are advised to do so with regard to the same criteria.

Our Logo:

BSJ LogoThe cross in the center illustrates BSJ Corporation’s special ecumenical attachment to both the Health Care Cross and the Christian Cross.  The circular design encompassing the cross is a sign of BSJ’s continuous and holistic approach to care.

The open area below refers to BSJ’s receptiveness to people in need.  The trademark logo represents a blending of what Bethany St. Joseph Corporation is all about.

Contact Us:

President/CEO: Craig Ubbelohde
Corporation Email: Information
Phone: 608-788-5700
(For admission or employment opportunities, see specific related pages.)

Board of Directors:​​

Kay Berra

Mathew Bersagel Braley

Charles Hanson

Dr. Joseph Kotnour

Cindi Kyte

Sean Martin

Nicholas Passe

Paul Patros

Terri Pedace

Brad Quarberg

Bonnie Sacia

Steve Spilde

Barbara Strohm

Privacy Notice:

BSJ Corporation’s Notice of Privacy Practices.

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