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Employee Testimonials

Employee Testimonials

You entrusted me with the role of nurse intern and then had the faith to trust me as an RN where I began to understand what it meant to touch another life. The staff I worked with at BSJ will never know how much life and living they taught me. Thank you! You had a large role into shaping me into the woman I am today and I will be forever grateful!
Courtney S
BSJ Care Center is a 5-star facility and I’m proud to work here. I’ve been employed for almost 35 years. BSJ is a place where you can grow as a person, learn new skills, and be challenged to be better than you were yesterday.
Dorothy S
The thing I really like about my job is the opportunity to meet new residents, family members, and co-workers. Then we have the chance to develop long lasting, meaningful relationships. We strive to make sure that BSJ Care Center is their home and that they feel like every day has an opportunity to be the best day possible.
I take great pride in my work and it’s great to work for a company that takes such great pride in being the best in La Crosse County.
Dean H
Maintenance (Community Services)
This is one of the BEST jobs I have ever had. This is a GREAT company to work for and a GREAT place overall! I love it here!
Betty G
Norseland Nursing Home
Thanks for my many years at BSJ. You make it a great place to work and it was always good to know that you ‘had my back.’ I will miss BSJ and my wonderful co-workers but I will always recommend BSJ to those in need.
Phyllis J
Retired RN (BSJCC)
You made me feel important and appreciated. Thank you for the wonderful party and warm friendships.
Patti K
Retired CNA
I feel very successful working here. Great supportive environment; happy tenants who make our job enjoyable!
Community Services
Prairie Home is a great place to work because of the genuine care that both staff and tenants feel in working or living here.
Community Services
I love working at Norseland Nursing Home because we have a large population of Norwegian residents and I’ve had a unique opportunity to get to know them and to learn about their heritage directly from them. They are strong and hardworking people and they have a passion for lutefisk and lefse and they love to teach others how to speak Norwegian.
Theresa L
CNA (Norseland Nursing Home)
The reason why I like to work at BSJ so much is the personal relationships that I’ve formed with the residents and past residents. We’ve just sort of become friends in a way.
Housekeeping (BSJCC)
Our customer service slogan here at BSJ Care Center is ‘our family taking care of your family’ and that is what is great about working here. The interactions with my residents and my co-workers just make this a fun place to work. I feel valued …. it’s great to go to work every day knowing that the work you do matters.
Clinical Dietitian (BSJCC)

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