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Meet Our Nurses!

Emily, BSJ Care Center

Emily's Story

Over the years, I’ve had a rich and rewarding experience employed at BSJ. I’ve had opportunity to grow a lasting career within a supportive work environment.

I started my career as a CNA and Nurse Tech, then worked as an LPN, while getting my RN/BSN. I am now a Nurse Manager/Infection Preventionist.

Benefits of Working as a Nurse and a Nursing Student

As a Nursing Student, I had a flexible schedule with ability to trade/pick up shifts.

Tuition reimbursement covered up to half of my tuition for some semesters!

Being able to practice the skills and knowledge I was learning as a Nurse Tech helped me retain what I had learned for better success on tests. 


I’ve received steady and generous wage increases, sign on bonus, and shift differentials.

Best of all, we have dogs that visit every day, like Ruby who started coming when she was just a puppy!

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